What to Do In Case of a Medical Emergency

In the current era, what has accompanied massive innovations in technology and economics is the increase in the patients admitted to hospitals and nursing homes. Pollution, adulterated food, and more pollution have increased the number of deaths and sickness all over the world like never before. Australia, being one of the developed countries (according to the World Bank) shares this common trouble with its other developed partners. And in times of emergency, calling 911 or a doctor after hours Brisbane based clinics provide, seems the most positive approach. But what to do in the interim? This article deals with such suggestions that can help to safely deliver the patient to professional hands before it’s too late.


A person can feel uneasy and may also tend to faint for many reasons with cardiac arrests, high blood pressure, and diabetes being a few of them. After calling a doctor after hours Brisbane clinics have, the patient must not be left alone. Constant companionship can help a lot in the interim. Asking the person simple questions to get an idea about his level of consciousness is appreciated along with checking their pulse and breathing patterns. And if the patient regains his consciousness before the doctor arrives, then it is necessary that the patient is encouraged to visit doctor after hours Brisbane clinics provide.

Chest pains

Though chest pains can be sourced from a various number of factors, it is always recommended to assume it as a heart attack and start the CPR. CPR can be used by anyone as it comes with a very easy manual for amateurs. After calling 911 or a Brisbane doctor after hours, it is necessary to check the patient’s pulse, heartbeat, and respiration. It is necessary to start pumping the chest.


There is no actual remedy if a person starts coughing at the dinner table, but if it seems to get worse, patting him lightly on the back can make him feel better. But everybody is familiar with this therapy. What makes coughing serious is the symptom where blood is coming out from the mouth. The patient might also not be able to stop coughing. This might be a serious case of pneumonia or tuberculosis or even lung cancer (if someone remembers Walter White). It is always better to be on the safe side, hence, book a doctor in Brisbane for a necessary check-up.


Pollution is one of the major causes of health diseases. Asthma attacks are not caused by pollution itself, but allergies (that cause breathing problems) are triggered by pollution. The best medicine recommended by doctors must have a Salbutamol compound like Asthalin. It is the patient’s good fortune that doctor after hours Brisbane clinics provide are ready to help at any time. But such medicine can help to calm down the respiratory problem before the doctor comes.

To sum it all up

It is a very fearful experience and may God never bring such fate to any person’s loved ones. But it is necessary that people know what to do in cases of emergency. Professionals are undoubtedly the best for the job, but you should also know how to tackle immediately such problems. Keeping this in mind, companies manufacture easy to use CPR machines and blood sugar level device. To get professional help near the house, please check SmartClinics.

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